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Landscape Design and Installation Services

Freelance design services are not currently offered

3-D Rendering​

Sometimes a typical 2-D Design layout is just not enough, and the help of a 3-D rending is needed. This add-on service is typically suggested for projects with a lot of hardscaping features such as patios, pergolas, seating walls, and decks. These renderings let the homeowner get a better feel for the space and allows for the design presentation to be more interactive.

With the 3-D add-on Kimberly can easily change the design features and materials (Think colors and types of pavers) during the design presentation. This way if the homeowner isn't certain about something she can add or subtract it instantly. Once the meeting is finished the homeowner will receive still shots of the design from several angles and a movie fly through of the design to keep.

Design Layout

Starting a landscaping project can be a daunting experience for most homeowners. There are hundreds of different types of plants that all have different colors, bloom times, sizes, shapes, light and water requirements and not to mention the endless options for patios or decks. Most people don't know how to get started.

Reaching out to a landscape designer like Kimberly can alleviate this issue. She'll take into consideration your wants, needs, and budget then put it on paper. During an initial consultation Kimberly ask you what you like, what you don't like, and how you plan to live in the space. She'll focus on your ideas, while sharing her ideas as well. This way you and her are on the same page and she can create a design that you'll love.

Once the design is created Kimberly will set up another appointment and go over everything in detail and explain how the different design elements make your backyard unique.