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Kimberly's Mission

Behind the Scenes Content: Construction, Photos, & More!

"I love watching HGTV and the DIY network. Specifically the series that show major home remodeling and construction. However, I've often I've found that the landscaping aspect of the project is completly over looked.  It seems like the only landscape design ideas homowners get in those TV series are to throw a few shrubs in the frontyard along with some fresh mulch and then call it a day.

"There is just so much to Landscape Design and Construction that is missed by these programs and I know homeowners are eager learn more. A lot of thought goes into each design regarding drainage, easements and rightaways, privacy, noise and light pollution, along with existing features like trees, decks, driveways and the list goes on. 

"It's through my social media page Living Spaces by Kimberly that I'm given the opportunity to show homeowners how amazing and complex each design really is along with the Landscaping Industry as a whole.

"I absolutly love the feedback I have gotten from my followers over the years, and now that Living Spaces has teamed up with Property Pros I know the content I'm able to showcase is only going to get better!"

​-Kimberly Leja Martinez